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Resources and Articles

10 Easy Tips to Help Motivate a Reluctant Reader

Ten handy tips to motivate a young child who would rather do anything than read a book. [More...]

Child Literacy 101 - The Basics of Developing Your Child's Reading Skills

Six of the most useful activities you can carry out to help your young child to literacy success. Try these with your young reader. [More...]

10 Reasons Why You Should Speak and Read to Your Baby

Most paediatricians are in agreement that it is never too early to start reading to your baby. But reading to them isn’t everything – even just talking to your baby will help them to develop, and get them used to the rhythms and cadences of the human voice. [More...]

How You Can Help Your Child to Read - Even If You Hate Reading Books Yourself

Just because you might not enjoy classic literature or works of contemporary fiction doesn't mean that you aren't qualified to help your child improve her literacy skills. [More...]

Why You Are Your Child's Most Important Teacher

There you are, sitting on your couch with your child on your knee, the storybook in your hands. She is attentive, begging you to start the fun. Then you are suddenly overtaken by a wave of panic and self-doubt. 'I'm no teacher' you think to yourself. 'What training have I had?'  [More...]

10 Simple Reading Comprehension Strategies for Elementary School Children

Recently there has been rising concern among parents and teachers as a result of the falling standards of literacy in schools, and this has been brought to bear in a number of government-led reports and investigations in the English speaking world.  [More...]

Why You Don't Need Commercial Reading Programs to Raise a Reader

You have no doubt seen it on the TV commercials - proud parents looking smugly on as their four year old recites passage after passage that he has learnt parrot-fashion through a commercial reading program. [More...]

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