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Discover the fun and exciting way to increase your child's reading comprehension skills

Give your child an advantage in the classroom in critical reading comprehension

  • Do you worry about your child’s reading comprehension ability?
  • Does he or she struggle understanding schoolbooks and elementary reading comprehension worksheets?

There is nothing worse for a child than to be subjected to dry, boring school text books when learning to read. It turns reading into a chore and an ordeal, and it’s the quickest way to turn off a young reader.

But a common misconception is that this is the ‘right’ way, or the ‘only’ way, to learn reading, and that any reading activities done outside the classroom are in some way inferior to what’s taught in school.

The truth, according to experts, is very different. Children are far more likely to be motivated to do something when they consider it to be fun, and they are also far more likely to learn from that activity.

Reading comprehension is no different. Many children feel stifled by the classroom environment, so rather than it being the place where they learn best, it can often have the opposite effect, and make them resistant to learning.

Alarmingly, studies have found that from third grade on, a child's enjoyment of learning drops continuously -- a phenomenon some researchers blame on the increasing focus on grades and report cards, as kids get older. Younger children, on the other hand, learn for the sheer joy of it.

As an English Language and Literature University Graduate, and having studied a ‘Writing for Children’ course at the Sydney Writers’ Centre, I am well aware of how vital it is for young children to have a strong grasp of reading comprehension to help them in later life. What’s more I have an in-depth knowledge of the reading theories and reading strategies that can help kindergarten and elementary school students improve their early reading comprehension and reading fluency skills.

Kids don’t do anything if they’re forced to!

We all know how hard it is to get our children to do things against their will. Rather than forcing your child to read a book or wade through reading comprehension worksheets, you will almost certainly get better results if you create a reading environment which is conducive to fun and enjoyment.

Reading books that your child wants to read, rather than ones he or she has to read, is a positive step on the road to improved reading comprehension.

Why do lots of children have reading comprehension problems?

One of the main reasons for poor reading comprehension skills among schoolchildren is a lack of an emotional attachment to what they are reading. It stands to reason that you aren’t going to absorb information if it doesn’t interest you – we know that as adults.

So how much easier is it to try out different reading comprehension strategies - such as questioning, determining importance, and retelling - with a child who is stimulated and receptive? Much, much easier, I can assure you!

How can we help your child’s reading comprehension and reading skills?

Our solution is a unique, personalized and fully illustrated storybook that will excite your child's passion for reading.

The story is personalized, which means you can make your child the ‘hero’ character. This means he or she is more likely to be engaged by it, and so will be much more motivated to read it.

What’s more, being the hero character means your child is more likely to take an interest in the story, and will want to read it again and again. This in turn will help his or her reading comprehension skills to develop.

The storybook is ideal for children between 4 and 8 years of age.

It aims to improve elementary school reading comprehension, focusing particularly on reading improvement for first grade and second grade students.

Simply click on the yellow 'Now start building your characters' button at the bottom of this page, then follow the screen prompts to choose the names and select the appearance of the hero character, a friend, and a parent or guardian. These characteristics are then carried over into the story, which will be sent to you as a printed, saddle-stitched book.

How will the book help my child?

  • The story is personalized and customized, so children will be more likely to engage with and learn from a story that is about them. Being the hero of the story will make the experience more real for your child, and will forge a stronger emotional attachment for him or her, so learning is made easier

  • The storybook is perfect for reading together with your child. It is great for young children as it is one of the first books that can be read to them by their parents, and they are more likely to respond favourably because they know the characters

  • As it is sent as a saddle-stitched book rather than a digital download, it will become a ‘souvenir’ of your child’s formative years. Children prefer to have something tangible that they can read with an adult, rather than just an on-screen download. In this way you can play a part in your child’s education in a fun way. Also, books provide a great excuse for you to spend time with your child

  • Your personalized storybook is educational and fun, so your child will want to read, and will beg you to read it with them. It will also potentially give your child a head start over their peers at primary school

  • The book presents simple spelling challenges - your child can learn and improve basic literacy and reading comprehension, and grow their enthusiasm for spelling. What’s more, learning won’t seem like a chore, as your child is having fun

  • As it is personal, your book is an ideal and special gift for your child. The giver will be remembered as they can leave a message on the website which will be printed in the inside cover of the book (e.g. ‘Love from Aunty Maud’)

  • You can order the book online, which saves time as you don't have to print off and fill in long forms by hand. It is also more secure and convenient than paying over phone by credit card or sending off a cheque, and you aren't limited by store opening hours - you can order 24/7

The storybook supports a number of strategies you can use to help improve reading comprehension:

  • Questioning - after each page you can ask your child about what has happened, your child’s reaction to it, his or her favourite character etc.
  • Using the illustrations as reference points - you can encourage a young child to point to characters when you read about them
  • Retelling – you can ask your child to retell the story after you have finished it
  • Repeat reading - a study showed that children who were read the same book three times understood its hard words better than kids who heard the story only once

You will appreciate the value of your storybook when you see how enthused your child gets. At US$26.00 this is not only a great investment for the sake of your little one’s education, but an invaluable tool to stimulate your child’s enthusiasm to read.

It’s a treasure that you and they can use again and again on the road to improved reading comprehension skills.

Bonus Products

Finally, because we are keen to give as much value as possible, we are also throwing in three indispensable bonuses when you buy the storybook:

Bonus #1: “How Parents Can Encourage Reading at Home” eBook (Value $17). It outlines a number of steps you can take to help your child improve his or her reading within the safe environment of the home, making it indispensable for all parents and teachers who are committed to improving children’s reading comprehension.

Bonus #2: “20 Proven Ways to Get Your Child Reading” eBook (Value $19). A complimentary list of tips and activities used by parents of unmotivated readers. They have been proven again and again to work!

Bonus Book 3: "Helping Your Child Learn to Read" PDF by Bernice Cullinan and Brod Bagert (Value $21). An invaluable resource providing activities for children from infancy through age 10, to help improve early reading comprehension, reading and literacy.


An example page from the storybook


We want you to order your storybook entirely at our risk. That’s why we’re happy to offer a 100% money-back guarantee for a year after you purchase it.

That’s right – you have 365 days to put this book to the test… We are confident that your child (or any other recipient of the book) will love reading about their own adventures.

But if they, or you, aren’t satisfied for any reason, or if it just doesn’t live up to expectations, return it to us and we’ll refund you the cost of the storybook, no questions asked. Right up to the final day of the 365.

Click on the yellow button to give your child's reading comprehension skills a kick-start! 

Happy Reading!!
Sam McKenna - Co-owner, Improve Literacy

P.S. Remember – by being the main character in the storybook, your child will be more interested in the story, and more enthusiastic about reading it. In fact, they won’t even feel like they are learning at all, and we are confident this will have a positive impact on their reading comprehension skills.

P.P.S If you don’t order your storybook right now, you will be missing out on a great opportunity to spark your child’s enthusiasm for reading and boost his or her reading comprehension ability as a result.

P.P.P.S Your bonus e-Books will give you valuable ‘insider knowledge’ into how to fast-track your child to reading success!

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